161st BID Helps Jeter Countdown to 3,000th Hit

The 161st Street Business Improvement District is helping the Yankee Captain countdown as he reaches an professional milestone.

Already the New York Yankees all-time leader in base hits, Derek Jeter is quickly approaching a highly regarded mark in the Major League Baseball record books as he is only 35 hits away from 3,000 career hits.

Once Jeter reaches that mark he will also become the first Yankee in the franchise’s remarkable history to reach that milestone. The 161st Street BID has come up with a way to help him celebrate as he gets closer.

In front of the Derek Jeter banner on Yankee Stadium along Jerome Avenue between E. 161st and E. 162nd streets, BID executive director Dr. Cary Goodman and other members of the BID unveiled the Derek Jeter Countdown Clock on Wednesday, May 11.

“The countdown clock will help everyone celebrate this great moment in sports history,” Goodman said. “It will help knit the neighborhood and the team together, as fans root for each hit. Every day, every game, the clock will show fans and neighbors how close Jeter is. When he hits 3,000 we’ll all be celebrating.”

The members of the BID were joined by students and teachers from the Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services, as well as a crowd of pedestrians passing by the new clock.

The LED countdown clock was programmed by fellow bid member Timothy “Diamond Cutz” Barnes, who will be changing the number on the clock as Jeter adds more hits.

He also added special effects and sayings such as, “Good Luck Captain,” “Let’s Go Derek Jeter,” “The Jeter Meter,” and “2,962,” which symbolized how many hits Jeter was up to as of that morning.

During most games, Barnes and other members of the BID will set up a table under the clock and will let fans post messages on it wishing Jeter luck or congratulations.

According to Goodman, the countdown clock will remain there even after Jeter gets his 3,000th hit and will continue to post messages for the team throughout the 2011 season.

The 161st Street BID will also distribute thousands of “Good Luck” fliers to fans who attend games at Yankee Stadium. The fliers will offer discounts to anyone who brings it to participating local businesses such as Applebee’s, Billy’s, D & J Variety, GNC, Molino Rojo, Pinstripe Collectibles, S & A Sports, Stadium Souvenirs, Stan’s, Yankee Tavern and Z’Novia.

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