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NY Daily News Golden Gloves

The finals for the Gloves is scheduled for April 17th and 18th in the WAMU Theater in MSG.

Damon Business

All this discussion over whether the Yanks could or could not afford Johnny Damon’s services is great. It’s a stoop issue that could last through July or until Damon comes here with his new team and does or doesn’t do well.

Colts 30 Jets 17

How many of you saw that first FG attempt, by the Jets, sail wide-right and think it was an omen (I did)? For the past few games it was an opponent’s kick that went wide. The blown coverages, injuries to key players, and way too much Manning took all the wind out of the Jets’ sails. Now, when Jets fans start fantasizing about next season they’ve got to remember that the team will probably face a much more difficult schedule because they played in the AFC title game,

A Higher Calling

Outfielder Grant Desme just told reporters on a conference call that he truly felt called to the priesthood and that he will enter a Catholic seminary, St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange County, in August.

Desme, the Arizona Fall League MVP, said he has been considering becoming a priest for a year and a half, but he had decided to play last season as almost a test of sorts. His sensational season of Class-A ball, and his fine Fall League, convinced him all the more that he must follow his calling to the church. Dwight Perry said that Desme was traded to the Padres.

Itching for a ticket?

Dwight Perry, of the Seattle Times, gives us: “And, from the “Say What?” File comes a news release from the Kent Predators — the Seattle area’s new indoor football team — proclaiming Monday as Pick Your Seat Night”.

Is That Your Child?

Jerry Crowe wrote in the LA Times, that “Archie Manning, inundated with interview requests as the most popular player in New Orleans Saints history and father of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, told reporters Sunday in Indianapolis that anybody wondering who he’d be rooting for Feb. 7 “must not have children.”

Super Bowl Shuffle

After noting that Mike Ditka, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and other members of the 1985 Chicago Bears plan to remake their “Super Bowl Shuffle” song and video, Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times said that “Music aficionados are calling it the birth of artificial-hip hop.”

Pro Football In LA?

Someone asked Norman Chad if Pete Carroll would bring profession football back to Seattle. Chad said, “I don’t see why not- he brought professional football back to Los Angeles.”

Speaking Of Money

Bob Ryan said in the Boston Globe that “he’d somebody myself to have the Ivy League get two NCAA bids and the PAC-10 get one.”

O’Neal’s Milestone

Dwight commented that, “Let’s just say that Shaquille O’Neal — a 53 percent foul shooter — didn’t score his 28,000th point to rave reviews.

As Shaq, just the fifth player to reach the NBA milestone, told TNT: “I just got to the locker room and I got a call from my father. He said, ‘I’m not going to take congratulations. If you had hit your free throws, dummy, you would have had 33,000.’ “

King James Is

Becoming Special

Bill Simmons, of, said after seeing LeBron James face the Clippers in Los Angeles: “When a basketball player gets thousands of NBA fans to geek out 25 minutes before a game, especially here, he has to be special. Command of the room. That’s what Jordan had. Kobe doesn’t have it, and he never had it. That will always be the difference between them. LeBron? He’s getting there.”

More On King James

Jerry Crowe, of the LA Times, said that a reader told him that since James isn’t shy about rooting for the Yankees, he should be called “LeBronx.”

Keeping Up With Jones

Jay Mariotti of, on the Cowboys building a colossus of a stadium and then keeping Wade Phillips as coach: “This is akin to inventing the world’s sleekest automobile, then installing an 8-track tape player.”

Health Care

Brad Dickson in the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, has the Congress’ latest brainstorm to fund health care: “They’re going to bet a trillion dollars against the San Diego Chargers before their next playoff game.”

NBA Playoff Scheme

The Sports Curmudgeon had this to say about some recent suggestion to the NBA, “There is a suggestion out there to change the way teams get into the NBA playoffs. Instead of 8 teams from each conference, the idea is to take the 16 teams with the best records and put them in a playoff bracket seeded according to record. The impetus for this suggestion comes from the woeful state of the NBA Eastern Conference where – as of this morning – there are only 6 teams with records over .500 and the “eighth seed” from the East if the playoffs were to start today would have a record of 17-24. Meanwhile in the West there are 11 teams with records over .500 and the 3 teams that would be “out of the playoffs” if they started today would have records of 21-19, 23-18 and 23-18.

Net Talk

The NJ Nets shouldn’t worry about not making the playoffs; They should worry about not being in the league with a 4-40 record.

What “Most of” Equals

The Angels must have really wanted to part ways with Gary Matthews Jr. They sent him to the Mets for reliever Brian Stokes who appeared in 60 games for NY last season and posted a 3.97 ERA. The Angels also agreed to pay “most of Matthews’ salary that is $21.5 million of his $23.5 million tab.

You Do The Math

Dwight Perry passed along this sports quiz, “Sports SAT question, courtesy of David Thomas of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:”Miguel Tejada was 31 years old when he left the Orioles in 2007. Two years later, he returns to the Orioles at age 35. Explain.”

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