Zodiacs win 11 golds at Long Island run

The Zodiacs continue to be blessed. On Saturday, February 14, they went to the USATF Long Island Championship and won 11 gold (1st place) medals, 12 silver (2nd place) medals, 9 bronze (3rd place) medals and had many athletes come in 4th and 5th place.

This was a challenging year. The following Zodiacs athletes that won medals in their events were: Cynyah Lawrence, Anderson Taylor, Dominique Jackson, Kadreya Simeon, Richard Anderson, Jailen Nias, Darius Gordon, Quinten Perrineau, Ariel Strunkey, Arianne Strunkey, Osiris Nicholson, Spencer Jackson, Cache Strother, Tyron Ingram, Ethanity Dunn, Shanice Turner, Kevin Mathis, Shane Cherry, Desiree Gordon, Beverly Seignious, Devon Seignious and Francine Pinnock.

The Zodiacs will be having their semi annual orientation on Friday, March 13, at 7 p.m. in the Bartow Avenue Community Room # 28. If anyone is interested in joining the Zodiacs, they must attend an orientation. If you are interested in joining the Zodiacs but are unable to attend this orientation, call (718) 679-2060.


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