Young Kings and Queens Chess Club holds end of summer event

Lorraine Alexander of New York Junior Tennis League teamed up with Mr. Romeo from Young King’s & Queens Chess Club to do a end of the summer back to school tennis/chess event last week at the tennis courts behind Truman High School in Co-op City.

In total, about 113 parents and kids attended the program on Aug. 26-27.

“Our event brought unity from different sports platforms together on one stage,” said Mr. Romeo, founder of Young Kings and Queens Chess Club. “Sports bring them together, but it takes more than that for them to succeed. Not only did we build up hand [and] eye coordination we also gave our youths the opportunity to strengthen their mind and body. At the end of the day, friendships [were] built up and barriers [were] broken down. Everyone came home with the mindset that unity builds up the community and team work helps the dream work! We can’t focus on being with people only to chill with, but to build with.”

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