Yankee Stadium Memory

John Scouppo has a copy of the July 1956 issue of Screenland Magazine in which a photo spread shows Ernest Borgnine and himself riding the D train and at Yankee Stadium. Photo by Jerry Landi

The date, I believe it was in June of 1956. I was publicizing the movie, “Marty,” starring Ernest Borgnine. At the time I was working as a publicist for United Artists and we arranged for Screenland Magazine to do a photo layout of Ernest Borgnine attending a ball game at Yankee Stadium.

Ernest Borgnine and I took the D train to Yankee Stadium where the Yankees arranged seating and we watched the ball game between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. It’s my recollection the Yankees lost the ball game because on the way back on the train to Manhattan after the ball game, as the caption in one of the photos of the pictorial layout suggests, Borgnine says “We should’ve had them!”

One of the more recent memories both my wife Theresa and I enjoyed was attending Opening Day 2007. It was the first time we ever attended an Opening Day game and it was great!

Both of these occasions, for me, are Memories of Yankee Stadium I will not forget.

For your information I have a copy of the July 1956 issue of Screenland Magazine with the photo layout of Ernest Borgnine and me on the D Train and at Yankee Stadium if you would like to see it for verification.

Incidentally, I am 80 years young and over the years we have both seen most of the Yankee Greats and many ball games at Yankee Stadium and, yes, a lot of memories!

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