Westchester Square Physical Therapy opens third location

Westchester Square Physical Therapy opens third location
Daniel Seidler, WSPT executive director, specializes in aquatic therapy and orthopedic manual physical therapy.
Photo courtesy of WSPT

A Westchester Square-based physical therapy clinic has opened a new treatment center in the Bronx.

WSPT recently expanded their quality health services to a third location, at 3202 Bainbridge Avenue.

According to Daniel Seidler, WSPT executive director, their new facility officially opened its doors on Monday, July 6 and includes a newly renovated, fully-equipped state-of-the-art 2,500 square foot office to allow for comprehensive physical therapy practices.

He added, this location includes the latest in physical therapy technology including exercise equipment such as stationary bikes and treadmills which are geared toward patient rehabilitation and are designed to be stress free on patients’ joints.

Established in 2002, WSPT’s trademark is providing world-class physical therapy, aquatic therapy and wellness services in the Bronx’s most convenient locations for their patients and accepts most insurances.

WSPT’s other offices include 1250 Waters Place, Suite 501 and 1915 Central Park Avenue and all three operate from the early morning until late evening every Monday through Friday. The Waters Place location is open on Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

WSPT’s Waters Place office is located in Tower 1 of the Hutchinson Metro Center and includes a scenic waiting room, a rehab and cardio gym, a yoga/pilates/dance/martial arts studio, male and female locker rooms, a retail store, administrative offices and a HydroWorx therapy pool.

This unique pool combines the healing properties of water with powerful therapy jets, underwater treadmill and massage systems meant to reduce arthritic and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, enhance post surgery recovery and bring relief to other health conditions.

Seidler noted the Bainbridge office does not include the HydroWorx therapy pool.

All of WSPT’s physical therapists have Masters or Doctorates in physical therapy and this organization specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions utilizing the latest manual therapy techniques and exercises to reinforce and improve their patients’ health.

WSPT’s areas of physical expertise include orthopedics, sports related injuries and sports specific training, aquatic therapy, diabetic neuropathy, vestibular/dizziness and women’s health.

Seidler is a Columbia University graduate and has been practicing physical therapy since 1996.

His areas of expertise include aquatic therapy and orthopedic manual physical therapy based on the Maitland technique of assessment and treatment.

Seidler explained over time physical therapy’s treatment approach has changed from being about simply managing a patient’s pain to be more about helping people return to their normal everyday activities.

“Physical therapy is about helping people return to doing what they love to do such as sports or everyday activities and prevent them from re-injuring themselves while also making sure they have fully regained their mobility and balance,” he said.

As someone who had sustained several sports injuries during his high school and college soccer career, Seidler had underwent physical therapy to treat his injuries which included lower back pain and an injured knee and can attest to the practice’s effectiveness.

“I’m very proud of the team here and our biggest accomplishment is hiring great people to work with our many patients. They’re the reason why WSPT has been so successful for all of these years,” Seidler expressed.

For more information about WSPT, visit www.wspt.org.

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