Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association hosts annual tree lighting

Well over 100 children and adults gathered at Schneider-Sampson Park for Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association’s annual tree lighting celebration, which included a visit by Santa Claus.

The annual event, which has been held for more than a decade, occurred just after sunset on Sunday, December 11.

The WLCA arranged for a man dressed as Santa Claus to arrive on an antique horse-draw sleigh donated by Chateau Stables, located in Manhattan, and then count-down to light the Christmas Tree in the park located across the street from P.S. 14. The crowd enjoyed holiday music courtesy of Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association board member Andrew Chirico, who arranged the songs and attached a PA system to the roof of his car.

“We are happy that all of our neighbors and their kids are here,” said WLCA president Tony Cannata. “Santa is coming a long way, and the kids always have a good time. I am 86-years-old now, and I am glad that we have young people in our organization who keep it going for us.”

The crowd enjoyed hot chocolate and refreshments donated by International Caterers of Distinction at 3243 Ampere Avenue.

“I speak for all in our association, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” Cannata added.

Joining in the festivities was Senator Jeff Klein, who said that the event brings out the spirit of the holiday in the community, and reminds everyone that it is the time of the year to say thank you. He also said that the WLCA was a stabilizing force in the community, serving as its eyes and ears.

Local community activist Annie Boller arrived at the event wearing a Christmas Tree hat decorated with lights, and said that the event was great fun and something that the children look forward to.

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