Vacca and Vallone have friendly wager of food delicacies on Borough Cup Little League game

Vacca and Vallone have friendly wager of food delicacies on Borough Cup Little League game

Stop the presses!

This an important bulletin about a battle of little league prowess, canolis vs. Italian Ices, and a friendly wager between two councilmen from rival boroughs.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who many know and love, and Councilman Paul Vallone, from that borough on the OTHER side of the Throgs Neck Bridge, held a friendly bet of food delicacies based on the outcome of a Borough Cup Little League game held at Throgs Neck Little League field on Thursday, July 17.

The terms of the wager were a box of cannolis and sfogliatelle, Italian pastries, from the famed LaSalle Bakery on East Tremont Avenue in Waterbury-LaSalle, against ices from Pesso’s and sandwiches from Cherry Valley Deli in Whitestone.

Unfortunately, the borough’s own Bronxchester Little League dropped the game to the little league team from Whitestone, Queens in a heartbreaker, with a final score of 4 to 3.

Not to welch, Vacca made good and settled the bet with Vallone when he presented him with a box of pastries at the City Council’s stated meeting on Thursday, July 24.

“It’s too bad Bronxchester lost, but either way, I’m happy to give Paul some real Italian baked goods that he can’t get in Queens,” said Vacca. “At the end of the day, I had to put my money where his mouth is.”

Vallone graciously accepted what Vacca brought him.

“While of course I am thrilled that the Whitestone Renegades beat Bronxchester, I’m sad that Jimmy won’t have the opportunity to experience the culinary masterpiece that is a Cherry Valley TCS sandwich washed down with a mouth-watering Pesso’s Ice,” said Vallone.

The councilman from that OTHER borough added: “I will relish my prize of Italian baked goods as I watch the Renegades continue to play!”

But it was really all in good fun, a source close to both men confirmed.

With serious issues facing our city, state and country, it was good to see these electeds still have a sense of humor, and play fair by the rules.

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