Triboro Center residents spread positivity to the next generation through new program

Resident Margarita Arzuaga is thinking about tomorrow
Photos courtesy of the Triboro Center

The staff at a Bronx-based nursing home started a program to help its residents communicate vital life lessons to a younger generation.

Named “Today’s Messages For Tomorrow,” the project allowed senior residents to give one piece of advice to today’s youth. The messages ranged from witty pieces of dating advice to sage life lessons.

Triboro Center resident Jaroslow Klimas

“Today’s world can have so much darkness and we all want happiness, joy and peace for today’s children,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director at Triboro Center and the Centers’ co-chief corporate recreation director. “The residents here always want a better world for their kids and grandchildren.”

“Today’s Messages for Tomorrow” will be ongoing throughout the fall.

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