Triboro Center residents celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month 2 Sept 2020.v1
Residents celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
Photos courtesy of Triboro Center

Every September marks Hispanic Heritage Month and residents and staff at Triboro Center couldn’t get enough of the food and music that played on each floor at the 405-bed nursing and rehabilitation center on Teller Avenue.

On Sept. 30, the residents were treated to a parade with salsa, merengue, cumbia and bachata music as well as Spanish rice and peas and non-alcoholic sangria.

“Every September we do it up for our residents since Triboro Center has a predominant population of Hispanics, both residents and staff,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation direction at Triboro Center and co-director of recreation for centers health care. “This year the uplifting activities were are doing for Hispanic Heritage has brought out so many smiles in people this year, more so than ever before.”

With flags from many Latin American countries posted throughout the building, happiness nearly erased the fact that COVID-19 is still the top subject in the world outside of Triboro Center, a facility that is COVID-free since 185 residents and 33 staff personnel have recovered.

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