Traffic light coming to troublesome intersection

Traffic light coming to troublesome intersection
Photo by Walter Pofeldt

One troublesome Morris Park intersection is finally receiving a stop light thanks to concerns raised by a community leader and Senator Jeff Klein’s office.

The city Department of Transportation recently proposed the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Bronxdale and Sackett avenues, said a spokeswoman from Klein’s office.

Morris Park Community Association president Tony Signorile brought his concerns about the safety of the intersection to Klein’s office in November 2013. Klein’s office sent a letter detailing the concerns about the intersection in December, and received word in mid-July that a stop light will be installed before October 31.

The intersection, just north of Tremont Avenue, is consistently troublesome for cars trying to turn from the one-way Sackett Avenue onto Bronxdale, said Signorile. He said the traffic coming from Tremont is particularly heavy.

“You have cars speeding from that side up to Morris Park,” said Signorile

The trickiness of the curve is compounded by the poor visibility at the intersection, where the train treastle can obscure cars coming from the left, said Signorile. Sackett Avenue is also plagued with double-parked cars, which doesn’t help the situation either, he said.

“When you try to get across Bronxdale from Sackett, it’s very hard.”

Signorile said he considers speeding to be the number one hazard in the neighborhood, and that Bronxdale is one of the more troublesome streets.

“I personally call it the Daytona 500,” he said.

There have been accidents at the intersection in the past, said Signorile, including a fatal motorcycle accident several years ago.

He said he personally feels its very important to push for protective traffic measures.

“If we can save one life then we, as a community, have done our job,” said Signorile.

Signorile said he’s grateful Senator Klein’s office got involved and that a traffic light will be coming to the intersection.

“At the intersection of Bronxdale and Sackett avenues, traffic safety has long been an issue. That’s why when constituents brought their concerns regarding this high-risk intersection to my attention, I immediately notified DOT,” said Klein.

“With so many double parked cars and both residential and commercial activity nearby, the new traffic signal at these cross streets will go a long way towards increasing the safety for both drivers and pedestrians.”

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