TN thief lands self in jail

As if not reading your local community newspaper was enough of a mistake, one Bronx thief learned the hard way that a life of crime is not for the weak of mind. 

Only weeks after an article in the Bronx Times Reporter informed the community of newly installed security cameras at the Throgs Neck Little League field, one individual, recently identified as Tristano Rivieccio, 22, decided to give the cameras a test, allegedly robbing sports equipment from the field house.

However, the story of his arrest proves that not only is he dumb, but also dumber. 

A reliable source described  the circumstances that lead up to his arrest.

Reportedly, Rivieccio, who was identified in surveillance videos as the culprit –  another fact reported recently, called up the 45th Precinct and asked if there were any warrants out for his arrest. 

The officer at the precinct informed Rivieccio that the information could not be released over the phone, and that he would need to come down to the Barkley Avenue station house and show his ID before they could release the information.

Rivieccio received a lot more than he was bargaining for, as a representative of the 45th Precinct confirmed that the culprit was arrested for Petty Larceny on Wednesday, May 7 after showing his ID and was arraigned at the Bronx County courthouse on Thursday, May 8. 

The source explained that Rivieccio walked into the station house and was told to see the detectives upstairs.

Unconfirmed reports state that he came to the precinct around 8:30 p.m.  TNLL secretary Frank Eisele was phoned  Wednesday to come to the courthouse to file an official complaint, or the individual would be released. 

“He’s not exactly a rocket scientist,” the league secretary commented. “He must have heard through the grapevine that someone was looking for him.”

Detective Patrick White, the arresting officer, informed Eisele at the courthouse Thursday that the individual had been processed and was in holding until arraignment. 

The league is proud of the fact that their new surveillance system identified the culprit, and is hopeful that it will serve as a deterrent to Rivieccio in the future. 

“We’re gratified that the cameras are working,” Eisele said.  “This might make an impression on him going forward.  This isn’t major stuff but this is how a life of crime starts.”

Steven Reed, director of public information for the Bronx District attorney, confirmed that Rivieccio was sentenced to a conditional discharge and community service.

“He should come down to the clubhouse and we’ll put him to work as punishment,” Eisele said.  “When you step out of bounds there are penalties; that’s the way life is.”

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