TN Resident Assuages Fears about COVID-19

File Photo|File Photo|Photo by Bob Kappstatter|Photo courtesy of NYPD

While there are 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID -19 in New York and 12,000 in New York City, one local resident says the virus isn’t as bad as it seems.

A couple weeks ago a cop from Throggs Neck became one of the first people in the city to be diagnosed with the virus. He had a high fever and felt pretty crappy and immediately got himself checked out.

But, after taking Motrin and resting, he is now in good spirits.

“I’m feeling good,” he said to the Bronx Times. “It’s really no big deal. It’s not doomsday. We’re going to work our way through this.”

His initial symptoms were coughing, fever and respiratory issues. He was diagnosed the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day and has been quarantined for two weeks.

He is no way dismissing that it has killed people, yet stressed that if people stay home and practice social distancing, then hopefully less people will get sick. The officer said the corona virus feels like the flu, but it is spreading rapidly with no cure, which scares the pants off people.

“I expected it to be severe or more and it wasn’t,” he said. “The reality is it’s manageable. The preventive efforts should be there.”

While he is feeling better, the cop said it’s crucial for people with serious conditions to get tested, especially the elderly.

According to the TN resident, the hysteria is making everyone crazy. Seeing people buying tons of toilet paper and mob supermarkets like it’s Black Friday, is a bit extreme, he said.

While it has been fatal for some people, ultimately it has been over hyped.

“You got to ride it out,” he stated. “There’s no medicine. The most important thing is that this an unknown for people and that makes them nervous.”

He praised the city for closing the schools. With more than a million kids in the school system and the need to be six feet away from someone at all times, this decision was a no brainer, the copper said.

“They should take every precaution they can to avoid getting it,” he remarked.

As the confirmed corona virus cases increase, he encourages anyone who has symptoms to get checked and everyone else stay home.

But, again he emphasized that he is in good spirits and on the mend.

“For those who are eligible to be tested there are still four or five times as many that are not eligible for testing and likely have it,” he said. “Now that we’re doing more testing we’re going to see that a lot of people have it.”


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