Throggs Neck homeowner rents out home for wild parties

The house is listed on a rental site.

Talk about bad neighbors.

Throggs Neck residents have reached their wits end with the owner of 718 Clarence Avenue, Abraham Aboutboul.

Allegedly, he’s renting out the waterfront property for weekend parties that come at the expense of his neighbors.

All night benders with people passed out on the lawn, that reeks of a college party, are keeping adjacent homeowners awake up and down Clarence Avenue lately.

“It goes on all night, the smell of pot, vomit, alcohol, and tons of screaming and music, it’s like an after-prom on steroids,” said one neighbor. “They don’t look a day over 21 at these parties,” they added.

Aboutboul is being all but discreet about renting out the waterfront home too.

718 Clarence Avenue is listed on AirBNB as well as other rental sites and apps.

One site has the house going for $850 per night.

According to neighbors 311 complaint records’, the home’s owner must be present for rentals under 30 days, which neighbors confirm is not the case.

They say he lives in Brooklyn.

“During one of the parties, I must have called this guy six times, I couldn’t sleep because of the frat house next door but I bet he was sound asleep down in his quiet Brooklyn nabe,” another neighbor said.

Neighbors have had 911 on speed dial whenever the house is rented out, some say they’ve seen girls being taken out in by the police in handcuffs and many confirm that ambulances have come to the house too.

“Someone came onto my property during one of the parties, I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but we are on the water and if a drunk kid drowns on my property then that could spell out some serious legal trouble for me,” another frustrated neighbor expressed. “We can’t even use our own yards anymore it’s ridiculous, especially when we moved here to get away from this kind of stuff,” the neighbor added.

Police and elected officials are aware of the owner’s scheme and are currently working to cease the teenage shenanigans.

“My office has been made aware of the problem and we are working to resolve it. I have also reached out to the owner to make sure he is aware of the situation and let him know that the community is not happy with how the property is being used,” said Councilman Mark Gjonaj. “While I do not have an issue with rental listing services in general, my office has been in contact with the booking websites Airbnb, VRBO’s and to start the process of lodging a complaint and requesting that the sites delist the property from their services,” he added.

Aboutboul said he was “not interested” in commenting on the property’s use.

Meanwhile, neighbors plan to protest the next planned ‘rental rager’ for 718 Clarence Avenue.

So, if you’re looking for trouble, just ask Clarence Avenue residents where the party is at.

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