Thinkubator releases COVID-19 vaccine study

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The Thinkubator surveyed NYC residents about the COVID-19 vaccine.
Photos from the survey

The Think Tank at The Thinkubator and The Bronx Community Foundation conducted a survey in February of New York City residents on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The goal was to better understand respondents’ knowledge of the vaccine, where they received their information from, whether they would take the vaccine or not and reasons for their decisions regarding the vaccine. The results revealed that 59% of residents will take the vaccine.

Other findings:

  • 57% of respondents had a positive position on the vaccine and have significant information to make a decision about taking the vaccine while 15% had a negative view of the vaccine.
  • 58% report learning about the COVID-19 vaccine from the news while 18% indicated that social media is where they’ve learned about the vaccine.
  • 26% indicated that they would not take the vaccine even if required by their employer to work while 65% indicated that if their employer required the vaccination to physically attend work that they would take the vaccine.
  • When asked what factors are influencing your decision on whether you will take the vaccine or not? Respondents indicated
    • 46% family
    • 28% friends
    • 37% medical professional
    • 25% history of vaccinations
    • 36% COVID-19 infection and death rates
  • When asked what concerns did respondents have? 31% said the potential side effects of the vaccine, while 24% did not have any concerns,

Results for Bronx residents reveal the following:

  • 35% have a neutral opinion of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 54% believe they have enough information about the vaccine to make an informed decision.
  • 60% learned about the vaccine from the news.
  • 46.2% stated that they will take the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A large portion of Bronxites stated that family and the COVID-19 infection and death rates are influencing their decisions about the vaccine.

“The results are interesting when comparing and contrasting the Bronx to the rest of New York City residents,” said Dr. Edward Summers, president and CEO of The Thinkubator. “The Bronx residents have a higher hestiatation rate when asked whether they will take the vaccine or not. Roughly, 13% fewer Bronxites will take the vaccine compared to nearly 60% of New York City residents. This indicates that we need to continue to think about ways to provide factual information to Bronxites.”





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