Morris Park Inn reintroduces the neighborhood bar

Exterior of the Morris Park Inn.
Schneps Media/Kyle Vuille

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”

The Morris Park Inn may not have Ted Danson slinging the drinks, but the neighborhood bar located at 1024 Morris Park Avenue still has the charm of Cheers and maybe a feisty bar maiden or two like Carla.

For many years, Doyles Pub was the bar where neighbors, families, and friends frequented to share pints and laughter.

Co-owner Joe Lacerra and his wife Giovanna were patrons of Doyles and were saddened to see the bar close several years ago.

“All of our memories were made there,” Giovanna said.

As fate would have it, the couple moved to Morris Park, but quickly realized there wasn’t a good old-fashioned pub to meet friends anymore, but like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the MP Inn set afoot.

Lacerra, owns a body shop, but possessed the life long dream of having a neighborhood bar.

Good friends, Lacerra and Stephen Poli, an oil truck driver for many years, and now co-owner, decided it was time to fill the community’s needs of having a “Cheers” like establishment.

“Joey and I know a lot of the community, but then Stephen came into the picture with another generation of people as well,” Giovanna said.

After muscling through building permits, licensing, cosmetic renovations and fresh kitchen equipment, The Morris Park Inn opened this past November.

Giovanna added the earthy tones of paint inside the MP inn are meant to make everyone feel warm and welcomed.

“We wanted to keep it Irish, Italian, but also modern and most importantly, make everyone who walks in here feel welcome,” Giovanna said.

With such a focus on community, Giovanna said her goal is use the bar as a platform for fundraisers, food drives and events.

“My goal is to just educate myself better,” Giovanna said. “I’m always thinking of new ways to incorporate the community.”

Like any good neighborhood bar, the MP Inn offers a full food menu and wide variety of liquor.

Poli highlighted the bar has already become known for their jumbo pretzels and curated selection of scotch.

The man behind the good eats, John Denizard, Executive Chef, said he’s pleased with the kitchen operations and the family atmosphere. He pointed out all the food and produce are purchased locally in the community.

“It’s a great space with great people,” Denizard said. “Just a place to order food, have a couple drinks and hang for the night and it’s all neighborhood people.”

Denizard said the kitchen will soon have a new Sunday brunch menu.

The bar and restaurant also offers delivery at a $20 minimum.

“We just started delivering and we want to make it a big thing for the hospitals in the area,” Poli said.

Poli said Tuesday Karaoke nights have been popular and Thursday Jukebox bingo has been drawing in a crowd as well.

The Morris Park Inn is on Facebook and Instagram for patrons to see the latest specials and events.

Nicky Ace (l) and bartender Mala Reignz.Schneps Media/Kyle Vuille
Exterior of the Morris Park Inn.Schneps Media/Kyle Vuille







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