Teen petitions J.Lo’s help to create Bronx performing arts program and studio

(l-r) Ruben Germosen with his idol, Jennifer Lopez after she finished filming a scene from her upcoming NBC TV series, ‘Shades of Blue’ set to premiere next year.
Photo courtesy of Ruben Germosen

An ambitious teen has asked a Bronx-born and raised superstar to develop a vehicle to expose the borough’s vast talent.

Ruben Germosen, 16, of Highbridge, has drafted an online petition asking chart-topping musical artist, Jennifer Lopez, to create a recording studio and performing arts program for teens and adults living in the Bronx.

According to the Dreamyard Preparatory High School sophomore, his effort was inspired by the many Bronxites aspiring to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

“Living here, there are no opportunities to follow the dream of being a performer. You always have to audition outside of the borough, city or state to pursue the career you love,” he said. “It costs a lot going to multiple auditions to get a part, so that is why I created this petition.”

Germosen said his petition’s purpose is to help bring J.Lo ‘back to her block’ in the Boogie Down Bronx to create a recording studio and performing arts program for the borough’s teens and adults dreaming of music super stardom.

He added Lopez frequently donates to her former hometown, but said most Bronxites would like to see her do more for its residents.

Germosen added the proposed performing arts program would cover dancing, singing, rapping, auditions and rehearsals while the studio would allow performers to practice for a fee, that would cover the performing arts program’s expenses.

The petition needs at least 1,000 signatures of supporters from the Bronx and New York and currently has 114 supporters, he said,

Once this petition reaches its goal, Germosen will pen a proposal letter to J.Lo and her publicist Sunshine Sachs explaining why this cause is so important and will include online comments supporting this petition and news media coverage as evidence of his claim.

The studio’s location is undecided, but Germosen said once everything has been set he would like it to be either in Lopez’s old neighborhood of Castle Hill or in another safe neighborhood.

Germosen said he has reached out to Lopez on Twitter with this proposal, but has yet to hear back from her.

If interested, visit www.change.org/p/jennifer-lopez-sunshinesachs-jennifer-lopez-to-create-a-performing-arts-program-and-a-studio-in-the-bronx.

“My son is very motivated and outgoing and whenever he sets his mind to something, he goes for it and never stops until it works,” expressed Leticia Haskins, Germosen’s mother. “I support him in anything he puts his mind to and strives toward accomplishing and I’m very excited to see how his petition will turn out.”

“We see thousands of petitions every day at Change.org and it’s inspiring to see people creating the change they want to see in their world, whether it’s something local like Ruben’s petition or an international movement,” said Max Burns, Change.org communications manager for North America. “Change.org helps all of our petition starters by empowering them with a platform and useful tools to make their voices heard.”

An avid fan of R&B, Latin and Pop music, Germosen aspires to become a successful musician much like his idol, J.Lo, who he met this July in Queens after she wrapped up filming a scene for her NBC television series, ‘Shades of Blue’, set to premiere next year.

“That was the best day of my life,” he expressed. “I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she was so nice about it telling me to come over to her.

For more information and to stay up to date, visit www.jlobxmovement.wix.com/jlobx.

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