Studio 3 NYC hopes to provide a space for artists in the Bronx

Founders of Studio 3 NYC, Zoe Johnson and Anna Lustberg
Courtesy of Studio 3 NYC

When people think of the art scene in NYC typically the Village and Soho come to mind, not the Bronx. Well, two people are hoping to change that.

Anna Lustberg of Harlem and Bronx resident Zoe Johnson plan to bring Studio 3 NYC, a new startup, to Port Morris this year.

Studio 3 NYC will serve as a multi-functional space, as it will host events, be home to a gallery and artists in residence and photographers and a place for people to network.

“When you think of the Bronx you don’t really think of art galleries,” Lustberg said. “We thought that the Bronx really needed that”

“Studio 3 is all about community and creating community that is very much a need in the south Bronx,” Johnson added.

Lustberg, 31, who is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer and Johnson, 35, a painter, met five years ago at a gallery in Chelsea. As neither were happy with their current jobs in 2020, they decided to finally go all in and create a place for artists.

So, they found space in Port Morris and hope Studio 3 NYC can soon call it home.

“We call it Studio 3 because there are three facets of this business, artist studio, a gallery and a photo studio,” Lustberg explained. “We both always dreamed of having our own galley.”

They are in the process of finalizing a business plan and are approaching investors. If the duo receives the proper financial backing, the 8,000 sq. foot space would be renovated and Studio 3 NYC will launch by the end of the year.

Lustberg stressed artists should not have to travel to other boroughs, to paint, sculpt or work on their craft.

“When you have an art gallery it’s not simply about the art work,” Lustberg stated. “It’s a place that develops an artist’s career.”

To get in touch with Johnson and Lustberg about all things Studio 3 NYC, email: [email protected].