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$1,400 raised for pediatric cancer care

Dear editor,

This is an open letter to all who made our first “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” Bake Sale a huge success. Thank you! Thank you! We raised $700 and with Glad Products matching it, we actually raised $1,400 for pediatric cancer research. Once again, the generosity of Throggs Neck and Pelham Bay residents shines through. Over 50 people baked, everything from flan (which was sold even before the sale!) to Irish soda bread muffins, cakes, breads, cookies and cupcakes galore! It would be impossible to name all the bakers individually, but you know who you are, so stand in front of a mirror and take a bow. You certainly deserve it! Those of you who made a donation to this worthy cause, take a bow also. It must have been very difficult to make a donation instead of indulging yourself!

An extra big thank you to the Girl Scouts from Troops 1302, 1079, 1322, 1395, 1145, 1045 and 1174 and their leaders as you contributed enormously to the success of the Bake Sale. You helped set up, organize the tables and sell the goodies. You were fantastic! At your next meeting, form a circle and pat each other on the back. You deserve it. It’s great to see girls who care so much about helping others. Keep it up and the world will be a better place because of you.

Of course, we couldn’t forget to thank all those who bought the goodies. Hope you didn’t gain too much weight! And, last, but certainly not least, we thank the staff and sisters at Jeanne Jugan Residence. It would not have been possible without you.

To each and every person who contributed to the success of this Bake Sale, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and the best Christmas season ever.

Rosemarie Vetter and Peggy Vega

Pelham Bay Park destroys the dream

Dear editor,

I had a nightmare.

My fantasy began as I floated over the three ball fields in Pelham Bay Park adjacent to the Bruckner Expressway Service Road. The fields were empty and unplayable as it had rained the previous week.

I drifted over the playground and onto the lighted softball fields. These fields were also empty and half the light stands down. No more night games. The parrots had won.

As I passed over the turf football field, a great melee was taking place over the use of the one public field in the entire northeast Bronx. Soccer players were kicking adult touch tackle members, cheerleaders were arguing with Gaelic footballers and flag football teams were wrestling with track runners. A parks official was trying to explain the poor condition of the field was due to the vendor going bankrupt.

I think I saw tears in the eyes of the American Boy statue. In front of the stands, Mayor for Life Bloomberg, was saying that the whole area would be closed to active recreation and that the dog run would be expanded, a parrot preserve established and the police horse contingent would be enlarged to make sure no children would walk on the grass. A homeless project would be built on the turf field and 15,000 more trees would be planted. He conceded that students from local schools would be allowed to come and watch the trees grow. If properly supervised.

The entire City Council stood behind him in the stands, politely applauding.

My dream next took me over the parking lot where dozens of overflow traffic enforcement agents from E. Tremont, Crosby and Morris Park avenues were ticketing cars. The parking lot spaces had been fitted with meters. Fifty cents for ten minutes. Many of the drivers were beating the system by standing next to their cars and putting money in when the time ran out.

I next floated over to the area behind the stands where the girls softball field and flag football field once existed. The grass that we had waited for four years was in place but criss cross snow fencing blocked use of the field. The snow fencing reminded me of rows of World War I graveyards and the “No ball playing” signs were the headstones.

Fortunately, I woke up at this point in a sweat and enjoyed that brief realization that I was having a nightmare. After a short time, however, I realized that most of my dream was true.

Jerry Demers

Will regret vote

Dear editor,

I don’t want to hear any more complaints from the people living in the 80th Assembly District (Morris Park, Pelham Parkway, Allerton) about ticket blitzing, sanitation enforcement, and other quality of life issues that cost them money. The people of these neighborhoods gave what turned out to be the winning votes to Michael Bloomberg’s re-election, one of only two districts in the Bronx to do that. Over the next four years, they will regret it.

Fred Deschler

Forged into steel

Dear editor,

I had the privilege of being at the Korony American Legion Post luncheon for the Marines of the USS New York in Michael’s Waterfront Dining at the American Turners of New York facility. I had the opportunity to speak with many of the Marines from all over the US who told of a highly charged emotional experience while passing the WTC site and then to see the Bronx Bombers win the World Series while in town was a crescendo of emotion.

One story they related was as they guided civilians through the tour of their ship, one couple had sat down and did not choose to follow the tour. When the young Marine asked them if he could be of assistance, the couple said “No, we would just like to sit here for awhile, we now know where our loved one is and remembered.” Seven tons of steel from the WTC was forged into the bow of the ship, how many souls where forged into that steel on that day?

Tom Hansen

Disappointed with vote

Dear editor,

I called Congressman Joseph Crowley’s office to voice my opposition to the taxing health care bill, reminding the congressman that he works for us. I promised that I would support any candidate who ran against him if he voted for the bill. Not only did Congressman Crowley vote for the bill but his affirmation on the House floor was so emotional I thought he might be engaged to the robotic Pelosi.

It’s time that the people in government remember that they are in our employ and not the other way around. Crowley and Eliot Engel are two elected officials who need to start looking for new employers.

Steven Eskow

Theatre group donations

Dear editor,

Bronx Spotlight Theatre would like to inform our loyal supporters that we have not gone away. Due to financial reasons this year’s show had to be postponed. The board of directors have worked very hard to see that our company has become tax exempt so we are not looking into grants and donations. Dona may be sent to Bronx Spotlight Theatre c/o Ruth Leich, 2872 Dill Place, Bronx, NY 10465.

Ruth Leich

TOTS giant tag sale raised needed money

Dear editor,

In the summer, TOTS, which is a pre-school program for children with special needs, held a giant tag sale and festival. This event raised money to build a new playground for our children. Close to $4,000 was raised. We want to thank all that came, helped or contributed to this wonderful event. We would like to acknowledge our local merchants and vendors who contributed towards our fundraiser: Federico Hair Salon, Frank Bee’s Kiddie Korner, Frank Bee’s Store, Genio’s Restaurant, Golden Glow Cookie Co., Good to Go, Loretta’s Pizza, Magic Touch Cleaners, Menna Quality Meats, Patricia’s II, Scavello’s Market, Screenvision Direct, Smoothie Ice Cream, Throggs Neck Memorial Post, Tommy’s Pizza, and Valencia, Inc.

These Our Treasures Family

Don’t let new movie ‘2012’ effect you

Dear editor,

Amongst the current box office films is one that has been deemed controversial and the latest first amendment production to tackle a highly sensitive issue: the end of time. “2012” depicts speculation of events suggesting to occur in the year 2012 and further suggesting the world will come to an end. This really bothers me and it becomes increasingly annoying when certain media such as this try to pass its production off as something factual when it is not.

First off, may I remind everyone a part of Scripture, in the Gospels, where Jesus Himself said, “No one knows the day or the hour. Not even the Son of Man (referring to Himself) knows when that time will come. Only the Father in Heaven knows.”

So, if we are not to know the day or the hour, why then have there been many media projects, both audio and video, proclaiming otherwise. This goes in defiance of what our Lord has taught us and what we have heard repeatedly in Gospel readings as we attend church.

In my over 40 years of living, I have seen and heard so many predictions and “proclamati­ons” of when the world will end, a lot of the rhetoric coming from right wing evangelists and talking points. Not only is it inappropriate, but as we have seen time and again, they have been so wrong (we’re still here and life and time goes on). I remember the first time hearing such a proclamation from the very same people back in spring of 1982, claiming the end would be in two weeks, the same time the Iran-Contra scandal was plaguing the Reagan Administration. They were wrong. They then suggested December 31, 1999, not only misquoting Scriptural passages to claim there will be no 21st Century nor new millennium but to produce and release the Arnold Schwazeneggar movie “End of Days” to further follow their end of time rhetoric. And now in 2009 comes this latest film, “2012” to follow such rhetoric.

I will not deny or take away the time and effort to create and produce “2012”; I know it’s a lot of hard work and it was well within the movie crew’s first amendment rights. But it is highly irresponsible and unethical for them or for anyone to remotely claim the movie to be anything other than what it really is; it is purely fiction and something that is only of an entertainment value, that’s all. It should not be depicted as a reliable reference nor used to further fulfill an agenda. Thus anyone seeing this film should take to heart that it bears no meaning whatsover as to what may come in the year stated. In other words, enjoy the movie (should you desire to see it) but always remember--”2012” is just that--a movie, not a documentary.

Michael S. Wilbekin

Updated 5:26 pm, October 21, 2011
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