St. Theresa honors students for academic success

Some of the 5th Grade Honor Roll students at St. Theresa School’s Awards Ceremony.

In a special ceremony on Friday, May 1, at St. Theresa School, 15 students in grades 4 through 8 were named to the Principal’s List for achieving highest honors – an average of 95% or above – for the third quarter of the school year. In addition, many students received First Honors awards with a total average of 90% to 94.9% and others students were awarded Second Honors with a total average of 85% to 89.9%. Students also must receive an A (excellent) or a B (good) in conduct and effort in order to be awarded Honors.

Teachers and parents shared in the ceremony held in St. Theresa’s gymnasium. Sr. Martha Otterstadt, St. Theresa’s Director of Religious Education, joined in congratulating the students on their achievement.

Principal’s List students are: Teddy Canaras, 5th grade; Lisa Mottola, 5th grade; Nicholas Sedacca, 5th grade; Victoria Alvarado, 6th grade; Joseph Boncardo, 6th grade; Caitlyn Lineham, 6th grade; Allison Garippa, 6th grade; Daniel Gjuraj, grade 7-1; Alessandra Colasacco, grade 7-2; Dimitris Hormovas, grade 7-2; Alex Mottola, grade 7-2; Benjamin Barriage, 8th grade; John Canaras, 8th grade; Michelle Mack, 8th grade; and Ashley Maymi, 8th Grade.

Principal Josephine Fanelli is delighted with the number of honor roll students this quarter and said, “I’m so proud to recognize the children who have achieved these honors. The ceremony is held not only to recognize and honor the efforts of those who rose to the occasion, but also to inspire others to raise their rankings for the next quarter. “

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