St. Ben’s launches state-of-art website

In an effort to embrace the most modern technologies while preserving traditional methods of teaching, St. Benedict School has launched its first web site.

St. Benedict School is stepping deeper into the digital age with a website designed with help from volunteer Bailey Provetto. The school’s new site can now be found on the World Wide Web through a simple Google search.

The new website is a way for parents to keep track of when important tests will take place and when assignments are due so they can make sure their children are adequately prepared.

“The website is a tool for communication,” said St. Benedict principal Carole Arbolino. “We can now more simply communicate when important assignments are due and all school announcements in an effective and efficient manner. Everything parents need to know can be found on our website.”

Arbolino said that the longer-term goal of the site is to get those alumni who live far away from the Bronx back in touch with the school, as well creating something similar to a parish bulletin online.

“For the near term, our hope is that the website gives the public the opportunity all that St. Benedict School has to offer, and keep our alumni in touch with the school,” Arbolino said. The website was designed free of charge by Provetto, a local graphic designer and fundraiser who also helped design the website for Villa Maria Academy, and is close to raising $1.8 million in funds for repairs of the Sister Servants of Mary’s convent in Country Club.

Provetto used to create the site free of charge.

“St. Benedict School had been looking all over for a website designer with experience,” Provetto said. “I provided the design for the site free of charge. In this era of increasing competition, Catholic schools need all the extra help they can get.”

Provetto said that the school would update the site as needed: adding announcements, putting up photo galleries, and updating the school calendar.

Provetto is the founder of the St. Benedict Playhouse, a community theater group based at St. Benedict at 2969 Otis Avenue that has been in existence for the past five years.

“This new website will hopefully help the staff and students of St. Benedict School maintain better lines of communication,” Provetto said.

The site can be accessed at

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