St. Barnabas Hospital Wins SIM WARS

St. Barnabas Hospital Wins SIM WARS
St. Barnabas Hospital’s team, comprised of doctors Natalie Hubbard, Christina Hajicharalambous, Jimmy Truong, Maisah Shaikh and Yash Chavda, emerged victorious.
Photo courtesy of St. Barnabas Hospital

St. Barnabas Hospital took home the gold on Wednesday, May 24 at the inaugural Bronx SIM WARS, a competition between emergency medicine residents from St. Barnabas, Jacobi/Montefiore and Lincoln hospitals.

Held inside St. Barnabas’ auditorium, each five-member team received 20 minutes to work on a patient in distress, who transformed from an actor to a state-of-the-art mannequin.

A panel of judges scored the three teams on their clinical actions, teamwork and communications.

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