Spencer Estate gets cleaned, has new owner

The new owner of the property has re-secured the home and promises to keep it cleaned. Photo by Vito Signorile

A vacant Spencer Estate house finally has a new owner, and he promises to keep it cleaner than ever.

For years, the derelict home at 1440 McDonough Place has been an eyesore for Spencer Estate and Country Club residents. After its longtime owner Victor DiSarro Sr. passed away in March 2007, the house remained vacant and became a popular hangout spot for underaged drinkers and loiterers.

The house, which was consistently covered in graffiti and garbage after DiSarro’s passing, was recently broken into and local residents once again contacted Senator Jeff Klein, who had been working with constituents over the years with the home.

Klein had the property re-secured and learned that the property had recently been purchased by Uval Golan. Klein reached out to the new owner and according to the senator, Golan quickly responded and spent approximately $1,200 to clean the property by the first week of December.

“This property has been a blight on the Country Club and Spencer Estate area and I’m glad that the new owner has taken steps to fix this.” Klein said. “I think we’re all hopeful this property will be restored and become a true part of the neighborhood.”

Prior to Golan’s intervention, local residents claimed that the property was filled with garbage and large chunks of an old boat.

In April 2010, DiSarro’s son Mario, who had been away from the home since before his father passed, told local residents that he had purchased the property and promised to repair the home that he grew up in.

According to Marcia Pavlica, president of the Country Club Civic Association, the home continued to remain an eyesore and nothing was ever done to improve the property. After learning that Golan had purchased the property, she said local residents can only hope that the situation will improve.

“It certainly was a negative to all of our eyes and it was an unfortunate situation that the house became like that over the years,” Pavlica said. “This is good that the home finally has a new owner. I think that is exactly what it needs and hopefully it will improve.”

In 2007, DiSarro claimed that he was working closely with the Bronx Supreme Court in gaining the title to his parents’ home. Golan did not return a phone call to comment, but disputed the claim that DiSarro owned the home when he spoke to Klein.

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