Six BronxNet channels offered on Verizon FiOS

Producers Herbert Brown and Alan Carlton in a BronxNet TV studio control room working on a show entitled ‘The Urban Wall Street Project.’ BronxNet recently became available on 6 channels through Verizon FiOS service. Photo Courtesy of Michael Max Knobbe

Verizon FiOS, the advanced fiber optics network offering over 100-high definition channels, now delivers more BronxNet channels to its Bronx customers.

Verizon FiOS is another option for Bronxites looking to access BronxNet stations.

“Verizon was able to get six channels dedicated to BronxNet up and running for Verizon FiOS customers in the Bronx in early January, ahead of schedule,” said a spokesperson for Verizon FiOS. “Our all fiber network gives our customers greater bandwidth and greater choices.”

The award winning BronxNet, an independent not-for-profit local-access television network, brings relevant issues into the local homes with programming emphasizing health, arts, entertainment, education and culture.

“In addition to sharing this content and telling stories of the people in the Bronx, it is letting them know what is happening and connecting the Bronx to the world,” said BronxNet executive director, Michael Max Knobbe.

“If you look at the quality on BronxNet it reflects the diversity and beauty of the Bronx, and this has been recognized in the industry by major commercial networks, proving the quality and content of what we produce is high value.”

One of the new BronxNet channels available on FiOS will be dedicated strictly to encouraging youths to become involved in this media outlet by creating and producing their own programs, as well as developing a label for the channel.

“I visit schools to talk about this and the feedback is amazing, to see these young people so interested, wanting to produce and learn these skills,” said Knobbe.

BronxNet not only delivers valuable information to the community, but also provides a learning experience for students and the public. Anyone who wishes to take a course can sign up to be trained and certified in field production or television studio production. BronxNet allows the free use of its equipment and grants access to the technology necessary for any project.

BronxNet can be viewed on Verizon FiOS channels 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38, with 37 as the new channel dedicated to Bronx youth.

“It’s democracy in a public age and these channel are your forum to share in this great open work and community development through this media that we call BronxNet,” said Knobbe.

The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network launched in the Bronx in July of 2008.

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