Sheridan Ave. tenants sue SG2

Five months ago, tenants from 1530 Sheridan Avenue filed a housing suit against SG2 Properties, the largest landlord in the borough. A judge ordered SG2 to repair 61 emergency “c-level violations” and 400 “b-level” code violations at the building – broken sinks, a defective elevator and peeling paint.

Now the tenants are after SG2 again; on Wednesday, May 20, tenants filed a joint small claims lawsuit. From December 2007 to June 2008, 1530 Sheridan Avenue went without cooking gas. According Tamara Czyzyk of Community Action for Safe Apartments, the tenants had to pay for take-out and buy camping stoves.

In January, the tenants asked SG2 to settle the cooking gas matter out of court. They wanted rent credits. SG2 refused, Czyzyk said. Now the tenants are suing for $5,000 each.

According to SG2 spokesman Bud Perrone, the lack of cooking gas was unfortunate but necessary to entirely re-pipe the gas delivery system.

The Urban Justice Center has also hit SG2 with a contempt motion for failure to complete the above repairs.

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