Senator Klein safeguards security guards job

Joseph Guerrero has every reason to be happy after Senator Klein’s office helped him keep his job as a security guard following a licensing error.
Photo by Elliot Mangual

Let’s hope this security guard now has job security.

When Joseph Guerrero discovered his job’s future was in jeopardy due to a licensing error made by a state agency, the position appeared lost until he reached out to his local elected official for assistance.

On Tuesday, March 3, Guerrero, an Allerton resident, received a startling phone call from his employer Allied Barton saying he was about to lose his security guard job.

Guerrero was informed he had until Friday, March 6 to rectify the error or no longer be employed with the firm.

Upon investigation it became apparent the licensing department in Albany committed an error.

It had incorrectly informed Guerrero’s employer he had failed to complete his two required training sessions.

As part of his employment with Allied Barton, he was required to complete the necessary paperwork and training sessions for his security guard license, which he did.

Guerrero explained the reason was because his social security number was filled out on a Scantron sheet which was misread by the state agency’s computer.

Prior to this, Guerrero made several attempts to reach the Division of Licensing in Albany and its New York City office, but to no avail.

As a last resort, Guerrero contacted Senator Jeff Klein’s office for his assistance in this manner.

“Joseph Guerrero is a dedicated college student and Army Reservist whose employment should not have been put in jeopardy due to an error in state record keeping.

Mr. Guerrero went out of his way time and again to make sure he was properly licensed and ready to work, only to be met with red tape and frustration. I applaud his diligence and I’m proud to have been able to help Mr. Guerrero maintain his employment with Allied Barton,” Senator Klein said.

After Guerrero finished speaking with the senator’s office, they immediately contacted Allied Barton’s Division of Licensing Services.

An agency representative notified Klein’s office that Guerrero had in fact completed his training and the agency would fax over the paperwork by day’s end.

The Division of Licensing Services contacted Guerrero the next day, but this time with a much different outcome.

The state agency confirmed his paperwork had been successfully transferred and his nightmare was finally over.

Guerrero admits he was humbly surprised by Senator Klein’s office assistance and is extremely glad he remains employed with Allied Barton.

He explained he first became employed with Allied Barton after completing basic training at Fort Hamilton in 2013.

Seeking employment to pay for college, he accepted the full-time security guard job position at security company.

“The biggest reason I love my job is because it’s always exciting conducting my rounds and it also me some free time to devote toward my school work,” he explained.

Guerrero is currently studying economics at Monroe College and will be attending Brauch College in the fall to further his studies in this field.

Overall, he describes his recent ordeal as a positive experience despite all its frustrations.

I am absolutely amazed by how quickly this issue was resolved and I look forward to keep working for Allied Barton for many more years to come, he said.

Guerrero wants to thank Klein’s office for all of their assistance in helping him keep his job.

Senator Klein’s office was instrumental in saving Guerrero’s job.
Photo courtesy of the Office of Senator Jeff Klein

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