Revolutionary Verizon store opens in the HUB

The new Verizon Wireless Store, located 416 Westchester Avenue, kicked off the holiday season by inviting the community to see what they are all about.

The store officially opened its doors on Sunday, December 13, but held its grand opening celebration on Saturday, December 20, inviting residents to take advantage of the many special promotions going on throughout the day, as well as the free cell phones raffled off every hour from noon to 4 p.m.

Santa Claus made a special appearance posing for free digital photos. The hit radio station Power 105.1 provided entertainment and give-away-prizes throughout the event.

“It was great because it introduced us to community,” said store manager Michael Bertot. “We are getting a really good response, a lot of people walk by and didn’t realize we were here so it was a great promotion.”

The new location is considered to be an ‘evolutionary’ store, featuring a new interactive retail design throughout the 3,330 square foot facility.

“Its more about the customer experience with this location. We have live phones that a customer can come and actually play around with to see how it works,” said Bertot.

Upon entry to the store customers are greeted by helpful staff and can go straight to the information kiosk that will guide them through whatever their needs may be.

“The store is a new design Verizon implemented a year ago with a check in kiosk to help the process,” said Bertot. “It’s a very interactive retail floor and easy to get around and find what you are looking for.”

This Verizon location marks the sixth store the company has opened in the Bronx, and the third in the month of December, bringing service closer to the home.

“We are providing the same Verizon service quality they know and love closer to home,” said Eduardo Urreta, marketing manager. “We keep growing and we find as we head into the boroughs and different areas people may appreciate the fact they don’t have to travel so far.”

The store also accepts used phones people may wish to donate to Verizon’s HopeLine program to help victims of domestic abuse. Donated phone are recycled or sold to raise proceeds that go towards providing grants and pre-paid phones to advocacy groups for the use of survivors.

For more information on the Westchester Avenue Verizon Communications Store call (718) 292-4111.


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