Public places to workout in the Bronx during COVID-19

Friends of Pelham Bay Park hosts Picture the Park! photo contest
Pelham Bay Park. (File)

It’s important that we remember to take care of ourselves during times of quarantine. If those home workouts are becoming redundant, or if you just want some fresh air (and understandably so!), there are places to go in the Bronx to be active and healthy.

It doesn’t matter what part of the borough you’re in; there are plenty of social distancing-friendly options to go out and work out while uptown.

Pelham Bay Park/ Orchard Beach

The Bronx Rivera is the perfect place to go for a run along the Long Island Sound.

You’ll certainly be able to comply with social distancing guidelines while spanning the lengthy boardwalk and enjoying some nautically infused fresh air on your way down to the beautiful City Island view in the distance.

Another option is to head to nearby Pelham Bay Park, which is three times the size of Manhattan’s Central Park to get a good little workout in and clear your head from the coronavirus blues.

Van Cortlandt Park

One of the most beautiful public places in the borough, this park in the Northwest Bronx is filled with trails to run on as well as a track to circuit near the 242nd Street train station.

Even if it’s only for an hour, head over to Vanny to transport yourself from a quarantined city into a vast and forest-like environment and take some much needed care of yourself.

Stepped Streets of the West Bronx

Photo by Edward Watkins

What’s wrong with a little Rocky Balboa training for the day? The Bronx, particularly the west side of the borough has more stepped streets than the rest of NYC — and they are perfect for some elevated cardio in lieu of a stair master at a closed gym.

Of course you have the Joker Stairs on Shakespeare Avenue just north of Yankee Stadium, however there’s plenty of less touristy options to pick from. That way you won’t worry about anyone staring at you during your inclined workout.

Mill Pond Park

This waterfront park in the South Bronx is the perfect place to overlook Manhattan and the Harlem River while getting a good run in.

Head to nearby Macombs Dam Park to run its track and stairs while also overlook some of the most hallowed grounds in all of baseball on E. 161st Street.

Williamsbridge Oval

Williamsbridge Oval.

This FDR-era park in Norwood is the perfect place to just get out of your home without being at risk of contamination.

With a track to run and plenty of other open space, head to this large scale green space to do a run, total body workout, or just walk around and remember that things will be looking up shortly.

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