Prom season special

Three stores along E. Tremont are donating certificates to several lucky Lehman students. (Pictured, l-r) Christie Casucci, owner of Christie’s Body Shoppe, and Fancesca Falciano, owner of Creative Image. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Several lucky Lehman students will receive financial relief this prom season. Three East Tremont Avenue stores have teamed up to put together exciting prizes.

For the third straight year, Creative Image owner Francesca Falciano is offering a free $55 prom hairdo to a lucky student.

“I just feel like it’s nice to give back and unfortunately prom season is really expensive and I figured I could do a little something that some of the kids would benefit from,” said Falciano.

The ambitious owner took the concept one step further this year by reaching out to two other nearby stores to contribute to the cause.

Christie’s Body Shoppe, a beauty salon located 3189 E. Tremont Avenue, donated two certificates, one for a free prom hairdo and another for a manicure, together worth $ 45.

“I always like to do something good for the neighborhood,” said Christie’s Body Shoppe owner Christie Casucci. “I have a lot of mothers that come in here and their kids go to Lehman and it’s always nice to help out a bit.”

Just down the block at 3240 E. Tremont Avenue, Anthony’s Flower Farm provided a certificate for a corsage and boutonniere to help dress up a couples’ evening with a classic tradition.

“We definitely like to help the locals out and keep this community active,” said Anthony Mangini, owner of the flower shop and Lehman graduate. “We try to do all kinds of things for kids in the neighborhood.”

For Falciano, a Lehman alumni, getting the three stores together was a great accomplishment, but not her only contribution to the community this year.

Creative Image, located 3162 E. Tremont Avenue, has hosted for two Locks of Love Days, and organization that helps children suffering from long term medical hair loss.

During the holiday season Falciano organized a two-block strip of storeowners along E. Tremont Avenue, to join in the decorative holiday lights.

For more information on Creative Image events contact 718-863-6376.

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