Parks Department greens Beach Avenue

On Thursday, December 3 the Parks Department planted trees on Beach Avenue in an effort to green the Bronx. Forester Jonathan Pywell, contractor Antonio Calixo, Bronx resident Laura Santos and George Sari (l-r) participated. Photo by Walter Pofeldt

The Parks Department continues to plant trees and green Bronx neighborhoods.

On Thursday, December 3, Parks Department foresters and contractors deposited trees on Beach Avenue between E. Tremont Avenue and Archer Street.

As part of its MillionTreesNYC efforts, the Parks Department has identified neighborhoods with few trees, such as Morrisania and Hunts Point in the Bronx, forester Jonathan Pywell said.

The Parks Department sends foresters and contractors to identify streets suitable for new trees.  When a street is set, the foresters and contractors plant between 20 and 30 trees a day.

“This is the first time we’re doing this in the Bronx, going into a community on a block-by-block basis and planting everywhere that’s appropriate,” Pywell said.

Community members joined in to learn tree planting and maintenance.

“The idea was to try and foster a sense of stewardship,” Pywell said.  “A big part [of the Parks Department’s effort] is not just getting trees planted but also to set up a relationship between people who live in the neighborhood and trees. Everyone benefits if they understand more about [trees] and [how to] care for them.”

Newly planted trees require 20 gallons of water every one to two weeks, depending on rain, Pywell said.  Parks Department contractors will maintain the Beach Street trees for two years but Pywell offered tips for community members who want to help.

“The best things people can do are pull out weeds, keep [trees] mulched and watered and keep pets from using tree pits as restrooms,” he said.

Tree planted in the Bronx, known for its high asthma rates, will help clean the and offer shade in the warmer months. Community members will appreciate the shade, as will building owners able to reduce air conditioning costs, Pywell added.

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