NYPD’s Paint Day Conveys Cancer Awareness

NYPD’s Paint Day Conveys Cancer Awareness
(back, l-r) Laura Alvarez, Mary Prezioso, lieutenant Jose Torres, (front, l-r) Lucila Alvarez, Rosa Rivera, MaryAnn Lyman, Silvana Pagliaro and Bharati Kemraj proudly displayed their finished artwork.
Photo courtesy of Bharati Kemraj

Mount Carmel Neighborhood Senior Center residents and staff expressed their artistic side during a ‘Paint Day’ celebration hosted by the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau on Friday, October 7.

Illustrator and educator, Laura Alvarez, lead the class to paint ‘Fight with a Flare’. The artwork was named by Bharati Kemraj, Bharati Foundation founder.

The painting is dedicated to all cancer survivors and those who spread awareness of the disease.

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