NYC gallery boasts unique artwork of Bronx-raised artist

‘Laffy Taffy’, a 48” by 24” mixed media piece on canvas created by SinXero.
Photo courtesy of John ‘SinXero’ Beltran

An artist who was raised in the Bronx currently has his artwork featured in a New York City art show.

John ‘SinXero’ Beltran, a painter, is currently hosting his first solo exhibition at CUSP NYC Gallery. The exhibit, American Grafstract (The Art of Grafstract), which combines art forms of abstract expressionism, contemporary art, modern art, iconic urban art as well as grafstract expressionism, held its grand reception on Thursday, May 21 at the gallery’s location of 466 Washington Street.

SinXero, who coined “the art of grafstract” to describe abstract expressionism using street art techniques, showcases his artwork in a new gallery that looks for experimental art from emerging and established artists.

SinXero’s art captures the aesthetics of layers and textures with palettes of color and/or mixed media across natural and urban landscapes. He specifically categorizes his artwork as abstract expressionism, contemporary, urban and street art, and has featured more than 45 artists while curating 50 large scale mural productions.

As a Bronx resident he lived in different neighborhoods, from East 182nd Street and Prospect Avenue to East 159th Street and St. Ann’s Avenue to Monroe Projects on Story and Taylor avenues.

SinXero was greatly influenced by his borough, stating that the ‘layers of the Bronx are the textures and palettes of color’ and that the ‘memories of (the burning) Bronx that looked like a war zone still influence his signature style today.’

‘The Message’ created by SinXero.
Photo courtesy of John ‘SinXero’ Beltran

“Picasso had Guernica, I have the Bronx,” said SinXero, who now resides in Pelham Bay. “To have my contemporary art featured at CUSP NYC Gallery has truly been an amazing experience. I was so elated to see my signature style, ‘The Art of Grafstract’, so well received by collectors and aficionados that came out to show support.

“There were so many dynamics that made a difference in the success of this exhibition, but one in particular was the highest level of professionalism I was was shown at the gallery, beginning with my relationships with Brian Maloney, Cheryl Hazan, Weston Wittry as well as the gallery’s directors, curators and assistant – without them none of this would have been possible.”

SinXero, who is also the founder of TAG Public Arts Project Inc., a not-for-profit organization started in 2012 that specializes in maximizing exposure of featured artists, talked further about his career as an artist and shared his advice on how other artists can become successful.

“As an artist, it’s integral to have a signature style that you own like your own convictions, which command respect. If you have no convictions as an artist, don’t expect respect for not being unique. I believe it is the quality in conjunction with always maintaining a high level of professionalism and work ethic, as well as always yearning to learn more about art and never being complacent with one’s own work that is the key to their own success.”

SinXero’s American Grafstract (The Art of Grafstract) art exhibition will run until Friday, June 19. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, while evening and weekend appointments are also available. To schedule an appointment contact

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SinXero’s art exhibition will run at CUSP NYC Gallery until Friday, June 19.
Photo courtesy of John ‘SinXero’ Beltran

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