NYBG celebrates Henry Hudson’s arrival

On display at the New York Botanical Garden’s annual spring flower show.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in what is today known as New York Harbor, the New York Botanical Garden’s annual spring flower show will be a lush, colorful showcase of Dutch flowering bulbs. The Glory of Dutch Bulbs: A Legacy of 400 Years in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, May 1 through June 7, will be an indoor floral extravaganza, co-curated with Henry Hudson 400 New York and launching the foundation’s series of special events commemorating Henry Hudson’s legendary voyage for the Dutch from Amsterdam to New York in 1609. That historic event brought about the founding of Manhattan and ultimately established a longstanding history of trade between the Netherlands, the world’s largest exporter of flower bulbs, and the United States,. The Glory of Dutch Bulbs will be the centerpiece of the So Much Spring season, which is the Botanical Garden’s greatest showing of flowering bulbs ever and the most spectacular display of daffodils, lilies, and tulips in New York City this year.

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