New trash cans placed along Fordham Road

New trash cans have been placed at five differnt locations in the Fordham Road Business Improvement District as part of a master plan to enhance the streetscape.
Photo courtesy of Fordham Road BID

Can it.

Especially in five new trash cans the Fordham Road Business Improvement District recently placed along the busy shopping district to complement its workers striving to keep it sparkling.

“The trash receptacles were placed at specific locations within the BID where there are high numbers of pedestrians,” said Daniel Bernstein, director of the Fordham Road BID. “The BID plans to place more trash receptacles over time contingent upon funding. We will be placing additional cans later this year for sure, probably at least another five. Some of these will be co-sponsored with some area businesses and or property owners.”

The new trash cans were placed at the northwest corner of West Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue, the south east corner of East Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue, the south west corner of East Fordham Road and Grand Concourse, and the south west corner of East Fordham Road and Marion Avenue.

The new cans are larger with a more uniformed look.

The trash can initiative is part of the BID’s master plan for the area.

“The master plan has phases of improvements, some of which have already taken place,” Bernstein said. “Phase one included installation of pedestrian countdown signals, new street curb neck-downs, and establishments of temporary plazas.

“There are other improvements which will take place over the next two years, including trash cans, street directories, tree pit upgrades, park redevelopment projects, and the longer term improvements such as street repaving and sidewalk reconstruction over the next five to ten years.”

Bernstein said only a small portion of the funds for the projects will come from the BID’s budget.

“The rest will hopefully come from grants and contributions from local elected officials and foundations as well sponsorships from community partners and corporate businesses,” he said.

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