New store openings bring fresh look to Bruckner Blvd.

Carlos Hernandez of Mama Estela, Tina Vidas of Luca’s Pizza, and Emigdio Hernandez of Mama Estela, are thrilled about the rebirth of Bruckner Boulevard between E. Tremont and Edison avenues. Photo by Victor Chu

A commercial stretch of Bruckner Boulevard between E. Tremont and Edison avenues was once very desolate, with few businesses, but now the tide has turned with the addition of new stores.

With the reopening of a longtime staple of the block, Luca’s Pizzeria, and a hot new Mexican restaurant, Mama Estela at 2920 Bruckner Boulevard, the block is starting to shed its former image.

The newly opened business, which have come to include a Karate studio, United Blackbelt Professionals at the corner of Edison and a new Dunkin Donuts at E. Tremont Avenue, join long-time tenants like attorney Stephan B. Kaufman attorney in a sudden revitalization.

“We have a lot of new establishments and business like the Karate school at the corner of Edison Avenue and a newly reopened Luca’s Pizza with an updated interior,” said Tina Vidas, manger of Luca’s Pizza at 2922 Bruckner Boulevard.

Over 15 years ago, a fire destroyed many businesses at the corner of E. Tremont Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard, and the Bruckner side never regained its commercial look.

“This was a really good commercial area, but since the fire a lot of stores closed down, and it has not really come back alive until now,” Vidas said.

Now, with some new blood as well as old favorites, all of that is starting to change.

“This area has been barren for a while, and people are really happy that we are here because they want to eat different, diverse types of foods,” said Emigdio Hernandez, co-owner of Mama Estela at 2920 Bruckner Boulevard that has a full service eat in or take out Mexican cuisine. “

Mama Estella offers tacos, nachos, tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, tortas, sopes and much more. They also offer a broad array of American Cuisine. Hernandez once operated a smaller restaurant serving standard short-order fare on Nereid Avenue prior to his current business undertaking.

He and his partner and brother, Carlos Hernandez, offer free delivery with a minimum purchase of $8 as well as curbside pick up when requested.

With much new commercial activity, those in business on the block say it is a great place to come to shop.

“This was a really good commercial area,” Vidas said. “Before, a lot of stores were closed down, but now the area has come alive.”

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