New 45th Precinct Commanding Officer: Captain Danielle Raia

Captain Danielle Raia is the new commanding officer of the 45th Precinct.
Community News Group / Patrick Rocchio

The new commanding officer of the 45th Precinct always admired the strength and the helpful nature of police officers, and it drove her to join the NYPD.

Now Captain Danielle Raia, who has served in a variety of capacities in the NYPD including assisting commanding officers, narcotics and intelligence, took over command at the 45th Precinct from outgoing Deputy Inspector James McGeown, who went to Bronx Borough Command.

Joining the NYPD before the 9/11 attacks, Raia has steadily risen through the ranks, being promoted to a captain in 2014 and serving as an executive officer, the second in command at a precinct, before taking over the reins several weeks ago.

“It is definitely a transition; there is a lot more to be concerned about, to handle and supervise,” she said of being the 45th Precinct’s commanding officer. “But it is definitely rewarding, and I am having a good time and enjoying it.”

She has yet to have a bad experience, she said in an interview shortly before her first 45th Precinct Community Council meeting on Thursday, September 3, adding that working with the community was also making the experience what it is.

“It is a great community; they are very involved, which is important,” said the captain. “If they need me, they can call on me at any time.”

She added of her reception: “It is just a really good vibe.”

Raia started as a beat cop and subsequently worked narcotics in Brooklyn’s 90th Precinct in Williamburg, and was a sergeant in Richmond Hill, Queens 102nd Precinct when she was assigned to the Intelligence Division in 2006 As part of that assignment, she ran search warrants, spoke to prisoners and had confidential informants.

She was promoted to lieutenant in 2011, and served on a boroughwide anti-crime task force based in East New York, Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct.

Raia is the first in her family to become a police officer, and said that she wanted to do something different than many in her family.

“I am the first in my family,” said Raia, who added that as 45th Precinct commander she would focus on quality-of-life complaints, including noise complaints and traffic concerns.

Then, of course, Captain Raia said that she would be focused on keeping the precinct safe and deploying resources where they are needed.

“It is definitely one of the best places in the Bronx for sure,” she said, adding that one of the strengths of the command is that the public works together and contributes to their safety.

The captain appears to want to engage with the community, highlighting an open-door policy.

When asked about her philosophy of policing, she cited what many people refer to as the ‘Golden Rule,’ an ethic of reciprocity.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated,” she said, adding “no one is above anyone else.”

At her first council meeting, Raia seemed to have been well prepared, said council board member John Doyle.

“It seemed like her responses were very detailed oriented,” he said of questions asked during the meeting, adding that she used 911 data and other detailed factual information.

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