Manhattan Beer grabs piece of Paradise

On May 20, Manhattan Beer closed on cold order of Hunts Point real estate, the vacant Paradise Foods warehouse on Leggett Avenue. It paid $20 million for the rail-accessible site. Photo by Victor Chu

Hunts Point is already a hub for produce and meat distribution. It could become a hub for beer distribution as well. On May 20, Manhattan Beer Distributors bought the vacant Paradise Foods warehouse on Leggett Avenue for $20 million.

“When I found 1080 Leggett, I knew it would be perfect for Manhattan Beer,” NAI Friedland real estate agent Steve Kornspun said.

The warehouse, built in 1954, boasts 22-foot ceilings. It sits under the Bruckner Expressway and next to an active rail yard – rare in the city. Rail access will enable Manhattan Beer to reduce truck traffic to and from the warehouse. In turn, Manhattan Beer will reduce its carbon footprint. Hunts Point is ground zero in the fight against asthma.

Manhattan Beer, a 28-year old firm, distributes Coors, Blue Moon, Genesee, Keystone, Corona, Labatt Blue, Sam Adams, Carlsberg, Chang, Carib and other beers. It also distributes Perrier, Poland Spring, cider and soda. Manhattan Beer renovate the 144,000 square foot warehouse. It took Manhattan Beer and Paradise Foods six months to close the deal.

“[We] recognize Hunts Point for its excellent employment market, great infrastructure and terrific location,” NAI Friedland CEO Tony Lembeck said.

Hunts Point supports more than 800 industrial businesses and 25,000 workers. The New York City Terminal Market handles produce, the Hunts Point Cooperative Market meat and the New Fulton Street Fish Market fish. Manhattan Beer operates a facility nearby, at 400 Walnut Avenue in Port Morris.

“We’re happy,” said Jeremie Sautter of the Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation. “We’re going to help Manhattan Beer. Hunts Point belongs to a federal Empowerment Zone and a state Empire Zone.”

Manhattan Beer will bring 60 jobs to Hunts Point, Sautter said. Paradise Foods shut down its operation more than a year ago. The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation and the NYC Industrial Development Agency worked on the sale, Frank Randazzo of BOEDC said.

“Manhattan Beer and Hunts Point fit,” said Sautter. “When a client visits Hunts Point to buy meat or produce, it will also buy water or beer. Hunts Point is a one-stop shop.”

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