Major drug distribution bust in Spencer Estate

1512 Stadium Avenue was the site of three drug arrests in December 2008. Neighbors are still uneasy, and worry that illicit activity at the location may once again be rearing its head. Photo by Patrick Rocchio

Despite a drug bust that allegedly took down a major distribution point for marijuana and cocaine in Spencer Estate, neighbors are still uneasy about a house.

According to sources who do not wish to be indentified, residents on the block are again observing cars pulling up and people exiting and entering the rented home for short intervals of time at 1512 Stadium Avenue.

Some are worried that drug sales may indeed be occurring at that location again. This would be the second time in three months that suspicious activity has allegedly occurred at the house.

Last December, three people were arrested at 1512 Stadium Avenue and charged with two felonies related to criminal possession of controlled substances. All three suspects are currently out on bail, and are awaiting further action in the courts.

“Whether or not it is possession or selling of illegal drugs, it is alarming,” said Spencer Estate Civic Association president Al Carena. “We have a lot of children who live in the neighborhood.”

Last December, according to police complaint reports, the trio allegedly residing in the house were charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 3 and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 5 – both felonies – and four misdemeanor charges related to drug paraphernalia, pot, cocaine, and Percocet that were allegedly found at the location.

According to the complaint, a police officer apparently working as an undercover buyer, entered the home and observed seven small Ziploc bags in the common area of the house that contained a substance believed to be marijuana.

Police searched the house further, and found 15 Ziploc bags containing a substance thought to be cocaine, 29 more bags of pot, and 39 bags of white round pills in the rear bedroom.

One of the suspects – Vito Cerbone – said, according to a complaint report, that the rear bedroom, where the drugs were allegedly being stored, was his bedroom.

The three people charged in the incident on December 8, 2008 were Maria Cerbone, Vito Cerbone, and Maria Quirolo. It is not clear if they, or someone else in the house, are involved in the current allegations.

“The sale of any amount of drugs cannot be tolerated,” Carena said. Fortunately, these types of arrests are a rare occurrence in Spencer Estate.”

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