Lot owner cleans site after molesting

This lot at the corner of Revere Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard was cleared of weeds and tall grass by the owner at the urging of Senator Klein and nearby residents. Photo by Robert Benimoff

A local property owner has done the right thing by cleaning an overgrown lot on the corner of Revere Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard after a woman who lives nearby was accosted by someone hiding behind the weeds.

The woman who wishes to be indentified only by her first name, Henrietta, said she was walking home from work early in the morning recently when she was attacked by a man who jumped out of bushes near the corner and beat her up. She said that because the bushes were tall and overgrown, she couldn’t see the assailant before the attack.

The owner, Mario Marciano, quickly addressed the cleanup after Henrietta contacted Senator Jeff Klein, who had requested the lot clean up in January when neighbors reported illegal dumping at the site, but nothing was done.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t prevent this crime before it happened; my heart goes out to the victim and I hope one day she will feel safe again walking in her own neighborhood,” Klein said. “Trimming bushes and cleaning up debris makes a tremendous difference in the safety of our residents. I encourage all property owners to be good neighbors and maintain their lots.”

Klein wrote letters and called Marciano, and within a couple of weeks of the incident, the property owner went to work cleaning the lot. He cut down the tall weeds, and picked up the trash. He also repaired the surrounding fence to discourage dumping.

Henrietta, who is a bartender, often comes home late from work. She said she was glad the eyesore now appears taken care of. However, she is still concerned about her safety.

“I used to walk down to the end of E. Tremont Avenue and back to stay healthy, but not anymore,” she said. “After getting beat up, I didn’t leave my house for four days. This man was able to put me up against the fence for a few moments.”

The motive for the attack is still not clear. He has yet to be caught.

“Without proper lighting, how can neighbors look out for one another?” Klein said. “If we make the lot brighter, neighbors can see if someone’s in trouble and criminals can no longer hide in the shadows.”

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