Longtime Throggs Neck businesswoman was a savvy developer

Longtime Throggs Neck businesswoman was a savvy developer
Anna Musano in her later years
Photo courtesy of Deborah Faiella

Anna Musano, a Throggs Neck business woman, lived a very long and a fruitful life according to her daughter Deborah and son Michael.

Anna left her imprint on both her family and the Throggs Neck community, two passions she remained dedicated to throughout her life.

She was born December 11, 1929 and passed away on January 25th of this year.

Living out her entire life in Throggs Neck, Anna was quite the savvy businesswoman from the 1940s to the present time. She was born on East Tremont Avenue in a house built by her dad Joseph Salerno. Her family still owns the property.

She owned commercial properties up and down East Tremont Avenue, including the erstwhile Robin Hood Diner, which was located where the Throggs Neck CitiBank now stands. In 1962 the diner was placed on a flatbed truck and relocated to Connecticut.

According to her family she had part ownership of Sisto Funeral Home where her funeral service was held. Her burial Mass was held at the Providence Rest Chapel. She had been living at the nursing home for the past four months.

In addition to the many office buildings she built and then leased, she also owned a considerable number of residential properties as well. Her son will now manage the properties.

“I began working with her when I was 16,” said Michael. “It was her way or nothing, she was very headstrong,” he added.

Anna was defined by her own self confidence and the Frank Sinatra lyric, “I did it my way,” is engraved on her crypt. “She loved business and she loved people,” said Deborah.

Anna also worked hand-in-hand with her husband, Louis, in business throughout the years.

“He was the builder, she was the business,” said Michael

Business however never took priority over her family, though.

“She taught us to be strong, it was her strength that made our family such a strong unit” said Deborah.

“Her dedication to her family always stood second to none,” said Michael.

Anna had a deep love for animals as well. She would take care of any stray that came in her direction and owned many cats and dogs throughout her life.

Anna also donated to many animal shelters.

Even now her dog Remy waits under her desk waiting for Anna to come home.

Anna had also requested donations to Pet Rescue in lieu of flowers at her service.

Any time Anna faced a challenge in life she would call on her business savy to resolve the situation.

“Most people would have turned and ran, but that wasn’t her way,” said Michael. “She was the strongest person I know,” said Deborah.

While enjoying her own privacy, Anna was a people’s person.

“She was loved by people, she related to the needs of Throggs Neck,” said Michael. “People respected her, she was always fair and she was always there if you needed her,” he added.

Anna’s decision to vote “yes” on the Throggs Neck Business Improvement District effort recently provided the organizers the final impetus to make it a reality.

Anna passed down the virtue of respect throughout her family.

“She taught us to always have respect and understanding,” said Deborah. “She kept everything together,” said Michael.

Her husband of over 40 years, Louis as well as her daughter Linda have both passed. She had six grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. Anna was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery.

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