Livery cab accident injures five, including four children

Livery cab accident injures five, including four children
CB7 chairwoman Adaline Walker-Santiago visits the site of the crash.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

An unusual car crash involving a livery cab and five pedestrians, including four children, is under investigation.

On Wednesday, September 30, a livery cab traveling on Valentine Avenue towards East Kingsbridge Road struck a mother and four children waiting for a school bus, resulting in the hospitalization of all five.

The incident occurred at about 7:45 a.m. on a rainy Wednesday morning.

A cabbie, who was traveling southbound on Valentine Avenue, towards East Kingsbridge Road, lost control of the vehicle after it struck a metal curb.

As the vehicle titled, it hopped the curb and slid into the five pedestrians, including a five, six, seven and 11 year old child, along with the 33-year old mother.

Two of the four kids who were hit are believed to be her children, according to Community Board 7.

The cab ended up sideways against the storefront of Kingsbridge Pharmacy, located at 229 E. Kingsbridge Road, pinning the seven-year old under the car in the process.

As a result, passersby immediately freed the trapped child.

She experienced the worst injuries, suffering two broken legs and severe belly bruising.

The victims were taken to Jacobi Medical Center and St. Barnabas Hospital.

As of press time, two of the three individuals who were taken to Jacobi are in fair condition.

The other victim is still in serious condition. The cab driver, Bialo Daillo, was not charged in the incident.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the horrific crash where the livery cab driver struck multiple pedestrians and I pray for their speedy recovery,” said Councilman Ritchie Torres. “I have spoken to city agencies such at the DOT and NYPD, and have been assured of a full investigation into the crash and the driver. Additionally, I request DOT to install traffic-calming and safety measures at the intersection of East 194th Street, Kingsbridge Road and Valentine Avenue, so that this type of vehicular violence does not happen again.”

As East Kingsbridge Road enters Valentine Avenue, approaching 194th Street, the roadway forks into seven different sections.

To control traffic flow a traffic island is located in the middle of the busy intersection.

This traffic island, which includes multiple ‘Do Not Enter’ signs, only has two sets of reflectors, which, along with the rain, could have contributed to the incident.

One of the triangle island’s curbs could have also contributed, as the car may have hit it before losing control.

CB 7 chairwoman Adaline Walker-Santiago is also looking into safer traffic-calming options for the busy intersection.

“We will have to look at videos of the incident to figure out which safety alternatives should be implemented, but putting something at the triangle barrier should help this neighborhood avoid similar occurrences,” said Walker-Santiago, who added that a speed bump can’t be installed on the road because it includes a bus lane.

“This situation is sad and heartbreaking for this area and we hope that all of the victims are okay,” she said.

The incident was recently discussed at a CB 7 Public Safety Meeting, which was attended by NYCDOT and NYPD.

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