Letter: What’s the city doing with all this money for shelters?

The site of a proposed shelter at 6661 Broadway in Riverdale.
Photo Adrian Childress

To the Editor,

So, let me get this straight. The city, under the new mayor, is kind of short of funds. So it’s going to spend $350 million to build one homeless men’s shelter in an area that already has three shelters. They won’t own it, but they will rent it from the owner, bumping up the price in a couple of years to $500 million.

The Blondell shelter will be near three schools, and the Poplar shelter will be across the street from a school for disabled children. If the city can’t control the homeless on the streets and the subway, what’s going to happen to these children?

Last week, two men begging on the No. 6 train started out by saying they are in a shelter, but are not given what they need, so they must beg for food and money. Where are the shelter funds going, I wonder? We have all this money to spend for the homeless, but can’t come up with $7 million for a library in Westchester Square.

By the way, where are our politicians who only show up if there’s a photo-op or are up for re-election? Their silence is deafening.

Woody Brundage

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