Letter: Trump is sorely missed already

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

To The Editor, 

When Trump campaigned for president he said he would eliminate Isis and terrorism, he did just that. Isis ran like mice under Trump’s watch and our adversaries feared the United States’ defense, something Obama failed to accomplish.

Now, with less than a year in office Biden, Harris and the corrupt, power hungry and misleading Democrats have allowed the Taliban to go full force as Americans are being held in Afghanistan, along with innocent Americans and Afghans being brutally murdered; infants also.

We miss you Trump. Our country needs you, not a senile Biden or a Vice President Harris who when asked a serious question just looks at us and smirks and fails to address an issue. Gasoline is skyrocketing in price; border crimes are at an all-time high and our allies are viewing this current administration’s pathetic, drunken decisions in disbelief. Trump made America great again, Biden and Harris are making America dangerous again. God please help us, Amen.

Robert Tribuzio Jr.

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