Letter: The fight to defeat the Bruckner upzoning is not over

Photo Adrian Childress
To the Editor,
There are a number of ignorant know-it-alls in the neighborhood spreading lies, telling people that this upzoning is a done deal. Wake up because it is not over. It has just started. The application must have a public hearing before Community Board 10; when that happens you will be notified and I hope you all attend. Then it will be voted on; then it goes to the borough president followed by the City Council. None of this has taken place yet.
We as a community have just begun to fight this proposed zoning change. Seventeen years ago the Department of City Planning granted our low density growth management zone. And for good reasons — to protect your homes. Why would they change our zoning?
We will continue to keep the fight up to protect our homes. Don’t believe these neighborhood know-it-alls, they know nothing. If you have an honest interest in your community, help us. Go to our website, www.stopupzoning.com, and sign our petition and make a donation. Any amount will help.
Andrew Chirico

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