Letter: Columnist is the quintessential ‘pot calling the kettle black’

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To the Editor,

In a case book example of psychological projection, this week the hard-right columnist castigates Progressives for their alleged dishonesty, a perfect example of the proverb, “The pot calling the kettle black.” This from a man who on a weekly basis engages in fallacious arguments, character assassination and sketchy sourcing to prop up his brand of extreme conservatism. In Frank Vernuccio’s looking glass world, suppressing the vote is noble. Limiting voting hours, locations and voting by mail are effective tools in preventing working people from exercising their right to vote.
The author would have us believe systemic racism can’t possibly exist, since it is not enshrined in law. Can it be that the author is unaware of the number of black citizens unjustly killed by police? Let me refresh his memory by naming those wrongly killed and the amounts that their families received to drop wrongful death lawsuits against the municipalities: Breonna Taylor $12 million; Freddy Gray $6.4 million; Eric Garner $5.9 million and Tamir Rice $6 million, to name a few. Racism was the common denominator in these needless deaths, and somehow the columnist is startled by reports that only 50% of Americans believe we have liberty and justice for all. Remove your head from the sand and open your eyes, sir!
The out of touch, hard-right ideologue is dismayed and simply cannot comprehend that millennials favor socialism over capitalism.  These young Americans have been buffeted by economic uncertainty throughout their careers, so this fact should surprise no one.  But wait, it can’t be a failure of the system, it must be a conspiracy. Yes, it’s the liberal infiltration of academia and those dastardly Chinese investors that are causing millennials to think approvingly of socialism. When rational explanations don’t support the conservative narrative, the remedy is to create a conspiracy theory. Attaboy, Frank!
Pasqual Pelosi

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