Letter: Columnist is dishonest in his portrayal of voting legislation

REUTERS/Monica Almeida
To the Editor,

The outrage of the last column “Biden caving to small, radical minority” is directed against federal efforts to counteract the avalanche of voter suppression legislation sponsored by Republican lawmakers in their effort to maintain minority rule. The angry author used phrases like “authoritarian impulses” to denigrate politicians seeking to ensure that American citizens do not lose their most sacred right — the right to vote. Unmentioned was the reason for this federal action, the blatant attempt by Republican-led state legislatures to limit access to the ballot box by those more likely to favor the opposition. The author referenced a poll where, he alleges, 71% of the respondents were concerned about voting by mail, but he failed to identify the organization which conducted this phantom poll, if it actually exists. A cursory internet search reveals a University of Maryland and Washington Post poll where 73% of respondents favored mail in voting. Another example of the intellectual dishonesty of the hard-right columnist.

As if the above were not enough to reveal the extreme bias of the author, he also mischaracterizes the motivation behind the Green New Deal program. The science-denying columnist portrays this initiative as a “power grab” rather than an action necessary to prevent further environmental damage and enable humanity to survive on planet Earth.

Pasqual Pelosi

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