Letter: Columnist gives pass to insurrectionists

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To the Editor,

In another display of psychological projection last week, “Afghanistan emblematic of liberal pattern to divide the nation,” the theme of the hard-right columnist was the left’s “refusal to acknowledge hard facts,” while in the real world we have right-wingers who refuse to accept Trump ‘s election loss. He falsely depicted isolated incidents at protests as if they were the norm, calling the demonstrators “hordes of violent criminals.” Meanwhile, a horde of violent insurrectionist Trump supporters, howling for the head of Mike Pence are given a pass. This propaganda technique is known as “card stacking,” when selective information is used to create an incomplete and inaccurate narrative to influence people.

The 1619 Project is denounced for alleged historical inaccuracies, yet no evidence of these imaginary faults is offered. Oh, and by the way, the author won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, the most prestigious honor in journalism. You see the 1619 Project does not align with the mythical origin story favored by the right, so it must be incorrect. The column’s frontman then accuses those who disagree with his stunted world view of resorting to ad hominem attacks, that is, denigrating the person rather than the stance the individual supports, which is a regular feature of his column. Look in the mirror, sir.
Finally, Trump is lauded for “exposing” the “rejection of facts” of left-leaning politicians, despite his championing of “alternative facts,” a euphemism for lies. The author wonders how “this descent towards demagoguery” came about. Was he in a four-year coma during the Trump administration?
Pasqual Pelosi

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