Letter: Author is wrong to think anything is going to change with the subway system

A W train in Queens.
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To the Editor,

Re: “Lieber’s Next Choice,” written by Larry Penner in the April 1 edition of this newspaper.

Larry Penner just doesn’t get it. The New York City Subway will keep on keeping on, no matter who is in charge. It will provide a mostly reliable ride during the day, less so at night. The fare will eventually rise. Once in a while a passenger will be struck by a train or will fall ill, wreaking havoc up and down the line. On occasion the 7th Avenue line will be rerouted down Lexington and visa versa. Announcements on and off the train will be unintelligible. The subway will continue to operate in the red. This will take place until the fall of the republic. Under Pataki, Spitzer, Patterson and Cuomo, there was no significant improvement or deterioration.

Ironically, the author recently posted an opinion piece talking about how well U.S. DOT ran without Peter Buttigieg. The subway will run with or without the new NYCTA president.

The author states what an insult it is to transit employees and 5 million riders. Make it 4,999,999. I’m not the slightest bit insulted. I doubt my fellow riders are. Ninety percent of the author’s opinion pieces insult my intelligence, contradict each other, sometimes within themselves, or require multiple Google searches to understand. As a resident of Nassau County, the author speaks with authority about things he knows nothing about, such as how great the ferry service expansion in the Bronx is, without understanding the vast majority of the Bronx lives nowhere near the ferry. Not a sin in and of itself not to know, but he refuses to do perfunctory research such as looking at a map or asking anyone who actually lives in the Bronx.

The practice of bringing people from without has been going on since Noah was building a boat. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing. I doubt a station agent giving a passenger directions or a track worker working on the third rail will care who the new president is. I know I don’t.

Nat Weiner

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