Lehman College increases steps towards wellness

Lehman College president, Ricardo Fernandez (left), and vice president of student affairs, Jose Magdaleno (right), led the ‘bring you sneakers to walk’ event, part of the Walk to Wellness initiative. Photo by Jeni Asaba

Faculty, students and staff brought their sneakers ready to start walking to a healthier lifestyle as the Walk to Wellness initiative took its first steps.

‘Bring your sneakers to walk’ was held on Tuesday, September 16, from noon to 1 p.m., on Lehman College’s south field.

“We consider this like a kickoff or bonus for people who joined the Walk to Wellness program,” explained health center director of wellness and health education, Kate Greenberg.

All Lehman community members were invited to join participants as they tried to increase their step count by walking around the quarter-mile track as many times as possible within the one-hour time span.

The first 50 participants were greeted with a free t-shirt, and all guests were given a sports water bottle with the Walk to Wellness logo as a gift. In addition, a music station was set up allowing for a more enthusiastic and energized ambiance, and cups of water handed out to keep walkers hydrated.

Proudly leading the walk was Lehman College president, Ricardo Fernandez, and the vice president of student affairs, Jose Magdaleno, showing their full support for the campus initiative.

“This walk creates a sense of community within the campus, it brings people together and gives everyone a sense of belonging,” stated Magdaleno.

Fernandez explained that this entire initiative is part of the workplace wellness trend hitting the nation. “There is finally an awareness that the country’s health requires exercise.”

Faculty members Andrea Boyer and Robin Kunsler believe it would be beneficial to make this event a permanent weekly activity, giving support to people who may not otherwise be committed to walking on their own.

“Its not uncommon to talk about workplace wellness programs anymore,” states Magdaleno, “to carve out some time during the work or school day to try to take steps to being healthier.”

For further information visit www.lehman.edu/studenthealth.

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