Klein unveils dirtiest eateries

In what has become something of an annual tradition, Senator Jeff Klein unveiled his list of the 12 dirtiest eateries in New York City on September 14, complimenting them with a list of what he considers to be the 12 cleanest food establishments, as well as another, more detailed report on the 100 cleanest and dirtiest restaurants in the City.

Standing in front of a world class Manhattan eatery in the meatpacking district called Del Posto Ristorante, which was nevertheless cited by the Department of Health and received a failing grade with 44 violations for everything from spoiled food to pest infestation, Klein released a report called “Restaurants That Are Enough To Make You Sick: An Analysis of Unsanitary Conditions in New York City Restaurants.”

“It is inexcusable that the Department of Health does not have an adequate system in place to alert consumers to restaurants with failing sanitation records,” Klein argued. “The public has the right to know that the restaurant they are eating at may have more on the menu than tasty cuisine.”

In addition, Klein also took the opportunity to release his annual dirty dozen list of New York City’s dirtiest restaurants based on sanitary inspection scores and citations for multiple pest problems, and another list complementing the dirty dozen called the 12 sparkling cleanest list, which highlighted the City’s cleanest establishments selling food.

The Bronx restaurant topping Klein’s “dirty dozen” list was Guacamole X at 1186 E. 180th Street in West Farms with 126 health violations on a August 25 DOH inspection, including those for mice and insects.

Another Bronx restaurant which also made this year’s dirty dozen list was the Popcorn Hof and Bar at 236 E. 204th Street in Norwood, which amassed 93 violations on an April 24 DOH inspection. Violations at that location included those for mice and rats.

On the other side of the coin, the data collected from the public record yielded three Bronx dinning establishments that were part of the list of Klein’s Sparkling Twelve Cleanest New York City Restaurants of 2008.

Blimpie at 85 E. Gun Hill Road in Williamsbridge got just five points in a DOH inspection on April 2, making it one of the cleanest in the City.

Also topping the list of the City’s cleanest eateries is Artuso Pastry Shop at 672 E. 187th Street in Arthur Avenue with seven points on a January 23 DOH inspection and Carifesta Restaurant at 4521 White Plains Road in Wakefield with four points on a April 2 DOH inspection.

Klein is currently sponsoring legislation that would require restaurants to post a letter grade of A through F commensurate with their sanitary status.

“Having a letter grade posted for all diners to see will provide a real incentive for restaurants to clean up their act,” Klein stated. “Whether New Yorkers are dinning out for a routine meal or to celebrate a special occasion, their only reservations should be to book their table.”

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